Review: Hood’s Ride Is Red by J.P. Jackson

HOOD’S RIDE Is Red is a sexy and thrilling short story that reimagines the Little Red Riding Hood fairytale.

Hood’s Ride Is Red (Photo Credit: Ricardo Ortiz)

Harkin Ross, nicknamed “Hood” after his Red Dodge Dart–a clever, butch take on the “red hood” motif–is hiding a hairy, clawed, sharp-toothed secret, but not very well, unfortunately. Arrested and locked up for a crime that occurred at his Grandfather’s house, he is visited in an oppressive interrogation room several times throughout this story by several interesting individuals. Some are curious, some concerned, others fearful, but all want something from him. Do any of these men offer Hood a way out? Perhaps, but all his options involve danger, pain, and death. However, one may also provide love. Choices!

One of the strengths of this short story is Jackson’s ability to show action, intensity, and tension through both “showing and telling.” The reader never feels like they’re sitting passively, hearing someone explain a past event. His writing style is far too visceral for such a tepid experience. And lucky for us!

Hood’s Ride Is Red (Photo Credit: Derwin Edwards)

Hood’s Ride Is Red is a modern gay fairytale that successfully incorporates queer horror themes of homophobia, sexual awakening, and same-sex desire with an Interview With the Vampire approach to storytelling. A must-read for fans of horror, classic monsters, and M/M romance and relationships, especially ones featuring burly, hirsute men.

Hood’s Ride Is Red is available for purchase at and For more information about this author, follow J.P. Jackson on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. J.P. also has a Website.


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