Review: Evil Cast: Volume 1 By Kyle Stück / Illustrations By Enrico Orlandi

HONESTLY, I was all in when I read “Think Evil Dead meets Scooby-Doo” in the blurb description for Kyle Stück’s Evil Cast: Volume 1. [Kyle’s image is on the left. I love the shirt!] I’m a sucker for imaginative, striking cover artwork, and this definitely caught my eye. And yes, it totally reminds me of […]

Review: Long Night at Lake Never by Eric David Roman

BOY, DID I love this! A fantastic nod to 80s slasher movies, Long Night at Lake Never is about a small group of queer youth forced to endure treatment at a cult-like Conversion Therapy camp nestled deep in the woods of buttf#ck nowhere by “ex-gay” religious cretins. Oh ya, and a killer is stalking everyone–a killer […]