How Dare You! You Killed My Favourite Character! (Spoilers Ahead!)

“Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” – Ben Franklin SADLY, IN fiction, as in life, death often enters the picture when you least expect and certainly don’t desire. As a reader, you can occasionally see the bloody writing on the wall; your cleverness catches the clues, the hints and the foreshadowing, warning you ahead […]

Review: The Nothingness Of Ben By Brad Boney

THE NOTHINGNESS of Ben is Book 1 in Brad Boney’s The Austin Trilogy, a series of gay fiction/romance novels set primarily in Austin, Texas. Handsome Manhatten litigator Ben Walsh has a seemingly perfect (gay) life until he gets a phone call from back home that throws everything into a tailspin. A terrible car accident has […]

Review: The Return by Brad Boney

THIS BOOK wrecked me emotionally. It’s the only novel where after reading a harrowing, heart-wrenching chapter, I went to my husband and genuinely cried. I’m not a naturally sappy person, so to have read something that caused that kind of deep, guttural reaction in me is a powerful thing. The Return is told in the […]