Memorable Reads of 2023

  “And books, they offer one hope that a whole universe might open up from between the covers, and falling into that universe, one is saved.” – Anne Rice AT THE beginning of 2023, I made a New Year’s Resolution to read more. Specifically, I wanted to choose reading over watching TV in my downtime. […]


Benjamin Kissell: “I have the standing rule that unless I, as the author, state in-text otherwise, assume ALL of my characters fall somewhere in the LGBTQIA+ rainbow.”   I’d like to welcome Benjamin Kissell to the BLOG. A native of Fredericksburg, VA, Benjamin is the author of the epic Queer Fantasy Novel, A Queen of Blood […]

Review: A Queen of Blood and Glitter: A Faery Tale of Grief, Drag, and Hope Told In Six Parts by Benjamin Kissell

A Queen of Blood and Glitter: a Faery Tale of Grief, Drag, and Hope Told in Six Parts is the flagship book in the A Queen of Blood and Glitter Series, which includes two follow-up novellas. The half-Faerie drag queen, Blodeuwedd, aka Miss Nomer, has a score to settle. They’ve suffered a terrible loss resulting in a deep […]

Review: It Had To Be You by Timothy James Beck

SOMETIMES YOU JUST KNOW WHEN HE’S THE ONE… BORN AND raised in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Daniel Stephenson moved to New York City to live his truth, rising to fame in the Manhatten gay scene as Drag Queen Princess 2Di4. Sadly, the sudden death of the real-life Princess Diana takes all the fun and passion out […]

Review: Dragged To Hell by J.P. Jackson

LIKE THE main character’s drag queen persona Azadore Necrophilia Hex, the short story Dragged To Hell, by J.P. Jackson is a different, wholly unique creature. I’ve never read a supernatural gay romance that combines the paranormal, Drag, goth culture, and all that great queer lovey-dovey stuff and does it seamlessly with rich, descriptive text. It’s […]