J.P. Jackson: “The whole reason I started writing was that queer representation in Urban Fantasy books didn’t exist.” I’d like to welcome J.P. Jackson to the BLOG. Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (He’s a Canuck, like me!), J.P. is the author of several novels and novellas, including the Dark Urban Fantasy Magus Malefica series and […]

Review: Dragged To Hell by J.P. Jackson

LIKE THE main character’s drag queen persona Azadore Necrophilia Hex, the short story Dragged To Hell, by J.P. Jackson is a different, wholly unique creature. I’ve never read a supernatural gay romance that combines the paranormal, Drag, goth culture, and all that great queer lovey-dovey stuff and does it seamlessly with rich, descriptive text. It’s […]

Review: Hood’s Ride Is Red by J.P. Jackson

HOOD’S RIDE Is Red is a sexy and thrilling short story that reimagines the Little Red Riding Hood fairytale. Harkin Ross, nicknamed “Hood” after his Red Dodge Dart–a clever, butch take on the “red hood” motif–is hiding a hairy, clawed, sharp-toothed secret, but not very well, unfortunately. Arrested and locked up for a crime that […]

Review: Summoned (Magus Malefica—The Coven Series Book 1) by J.P. Jackson

SUMMONED IS the story of Devid Khandelwal, a handsome, young gay man, soon-to-be college graduate, and amateur occultist. Dev has been trying to connect to the supernatural world, referred to as the Shadow Realm, for years without success. His final attempt at piercing the veil is a Summoning Board that grants the user three ultimate […]