Reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula Through a Queer Lens

BRAM STOKER’S Dracula is a late nineteenth-century gothic novel—or horror if it pleases you—that’s intrigued me for decades, or “oceans of time,” as Count Dracula would say. Dracula, the work itself, is akin to the vampire’s esoteric, complex, and polymorphic state. There are numerous ways to deconstruct this book to uncover and interpret multiple meanings and […]

Review: Long Night at Lake Never by Eric David Roman

BOY, DID I love this! A fantastic nod to 80s slasher movies, Long Night at Lake Never is about a small group of queer youth forced to endure treatment at a cult-like Conversion Therapy camp nestled deep in the woods of buttf#ck nowhere by “ex-gay” religious cretins. Oh ya, and a killer is stalking everyone–a killer […]