Book Review: Moondrop Vale by Nando Gray

“‘Just follow me and stay close.’ Simon finished ushering Henry to follow and eying the shadows weaving off into the trees uneasily. He knew there were monsters here.”– Nando Gray, Moondrop Vale  “NANDO GRAY’S Moondrop Vale is more than just a cautionary dystopian tale about A.I./robots turning against humanity wrapped in a gay love story. It […]

Book Review: Hell and Gone By Tal Bauer

  “It’s time for debts to be settled,” the man growled. “It’s past time.” – Tal Bauer, Hell and Gone AS MONTANA’S newest Stock Detective [Look it up—I had to!], Everett Dawson, an ex-army man, has been dispatched from the state capital of Helena to the rugged terrain of the Crazy Mountains and tasked with […]


AS I SAY by Matthew Dante is an incredibly gripping M/M Dark Romance Thriller that will hook you immediately. The novel’s tagline, “Sometimes the only person you can trust is the one person you despise the most,” is both chilling and thought-provoking, leaving you with an overwhelming sense of curiosity and intrigue. Not to mention […]

Author Interview: Talbot Finch

Talbot Finch: “The queer community has suffered far too many tragic endings in literature and film as it is, and it’s important, I think, to be reminded that misery isn’t our birthright.” I’d like to welcome Talbot Finch to the BLOG. Talbot is a skilled and imaginative queer author and artist residing in the southeastern […]


“I really thought he was the man for me, except he didn’t show me the kind of man he really was. Not then. That didn’t come until much later.” – Thom Collins, Safe Harbour SAFE HARBOUR by Thom Collins is an engaging M/M romance thriller. Although it’s the second book in the Jagged Shores series, […]

Book Review: Violet Reverie By Talbot Finch

“Nathan felt a chill in the air and an irrepressible feeling of dread. He clambered to his feet and found his way to the bedside table. He grabbed the matchbox from the drawer, and with trembling fingers, struggled to light the candle he kept close by. The footsteps were nearly there.” – Talbot Finch, Violet […]

Review: The Housekeeper: A Gay Victorian Novelette By Talbot Finch

“And for what it’s worth, I don’t find anything about you repulsive. On the contrary, I can’t remember meeting a more wonderful person.” – Talbot Finch, The Housekeeper THE NINETEENTH century, particularly the later half, has always captivated me; I’m a sucker for a good Victorian novel—or in this case, a novelette. While the Gothic literature of the […]

Review: The Bad To Be Series by Andrew Grey

LIKE MANY of author Andrew Grey’s M/M series, be they thriller or romance, characters from the first novel often play supporting ones in the next installment and so on. It creates a beautiful interconnectedness, a community of fabulous characters who each get a turn to tell their story with the added reader bonus of familiarity. […]

Review: The Beautiful Things Shoppe by Philip William Stover

“Their collections may clash, but their hearts are a perfect match.” LIKE MANY people, I collect things. I love to acquire, organize, and display items and objects that represent and reflect aspects of my personality and my varied interests. My diverse collection includes but is not limited to, Greco-Roman and Egyptian art/statuary, vintage movie stills, […]

Interview With Gay Romance Author Lee Maxwell

“Friends have said to me, ‘Who would believe that?’ or ‘That just doesn’t happen.’ Well, I am here to tell them and everyone that it does indeed happen because I have experienced it for myself.”   I’d like to welcome Lee Maxwell to the BLOG. A decades-long resident of Reno, Nevada, Lee is an out […]