AS I SAY by Matthew Dante is an incredibly gripping M/M Dark Romance Thriller that will hook you immediately. The novel’s tagline, “Sometimes the only person you can trust is the one person you despise the most,” is both chilling and thought-provoking, leaving you with an overwhelming sense of curiosity and intrigue. Not to mention […]


“I really thought he was the man for me, except he didn’t show me the kind of man he really was. Not then. That didn’t come until much later.” – Thom Collins, Safe Harbour SAFE HARBOUR by Thom Collins is an engaging M/M romance thriller. Although it’s the second book in the Jagged Shores series, […]

Memorable Reads of 2023

  “And books, they offer one hope that a whole universe might open up from between the covers, and falling into that universe, one is saved.” – Anne Rice AT THE beginning of 2023, I made a New Year’s Resolution to read more. Specifically, I wanted to choose reading over watching TV in my downtime. […]

Book Review: Apparitions By Adam Pottle

  “Violence was his first language.” – Adam Pottle, Apparitions APPARITIONS, BY Canadian author Adam Pottle, is a novel about a nameless Deaf teen—a survivor of extreme child abuse—who befriends an emotionally troubled Deaf youth named Felix while in a psychiatric institution in Saskatchewan. Felix teaches “John Smith” Sign Language while they’re confined there, finally […]

Review: Our Sweet Revenge: Unbreakable Ties Book 1 by A.V. Shener

AFTER READING Our Sweet Revenge: Unbreakable Ties Book 1, I had to take a moment before writing my thoughts down; I needed to process what I’d experienced. The author, A.V. Shener, has stated that if he manages to make his readers “both captivated and uncomfortable,” he’s done his job. Well, I was definitely both, so congratulations, […]

Thoughts On My Author Journey

Toot your own horn! Be proud of what you’ve created, and never feel embarrassed to promote yourself. Excitement is contagious! IN MY twenties, I met my favourite author Anne Rice, creator of The Vampire Chronicles. Though our time together was brief, we chatted about several things, including her inspiring, descriptive writing style. It’s a memory […]

Killing Your Darlings

I WAS once asked if it was difficult to “kill one’s darlings.” Let’s look at this more broadly than just the mechanism of killing off a primary or popular character for plotline purposes (but I will get to that in a moment, not to worry). It takes courage and fortitude to cut storylines you’ve worked […]

The Genesis of My Covers for Vindictive/Vindictive Too

THANKFULLY, I was fully involved in the creation of my novels’ covers, and yes, I had a plan from the get-go. The concept and design for Vindictive and Vindictive Too, to suggest a theme of revenge through starkness and specific, impactful imagery, was a relatively straightforward process. Both books have the same basic colour scheme […]

Review: Oracle: A Story From The Reels By Brian B. Ewing

ORACLE: A Story From The Reels by Brian B. Ewing is the first book in a series that focuses on Tom Sisto, an introvert with a tragic past gifted with a psychic power to experience first-person memories of victims and evil-doers alike. These visions come to him in a manner akin to an old-school projector; […]

Do I Have A Favourite Scene in Vindictive Too?

OCCASIONALY I get asked, “What is your favourite scene in the book?” With Vindictive, I don’t believe I’ve ever answered that question, and I’m not sure I can or ever will. At least not to anyone’s satisfaction. When I think of a scene in my first novel that tickles me, another one that thrills me immediately comes […]