Thoughts On My Author Journey

Toot your own horn! Be proud of what you’ve created, and never feel embarrassed to promote yourself. Excitement is contagious! IN MY twenties, I met my favourite author Anne Rice, creator of The Vampire Chronicles. Though our time together was brief, we chatted about several things, including her inspiring, descriptive writing style. It’s a memory […]

Killing Your Darlings

I WAS once asked if it was difficult to “kill one’s darlings.” Let’s look at this more broadly than just the mechanism of killing off a primary or popular character for plotline purposes (but I will get to that in a moment, not to worry). It takes courage and fortitude to cut storylines you’ve worked […]

The Genesis of My Covers for Vindictive/Vindictive Too

THANKFULLY, I was fully involved in the creation of my novels’ covers, and yes, I had a plan from the get-go. The concept and design for Vindictive and Vindictive Too, to suggest a theme of revenge through starkness and specific, impactful imagery, was a relatively straightforward process. Both books have the same basic colour scheme […]

The Vindictive Series & the Queer Thriller Genre

(What started as a conversational post about my novels being part of the Queer Thriller Genre became more of an “essay-like” piece, as my husband termed it (LOL), but I think it’s still compelling while remaining accessible.) MY NOVELS, Vindictive and Vindictive Too, are staunchly in the Thriller Genre. What I feel sets them apart from traditional thrillers […]

The Prosaic Form Cannot Communicate My Meaning

HERE IS the thing about some of my favourite books, like The Witching Hour by Anne Rice, The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton, and Dracula by Bram Stoker—all three of these novels feature something quite heavily: descriptive detail. These are the types of novels I love to read. Rich and elucidative texts make my […]

Literary Titan Interview: Vindictive

Straight-up Revenge IN VINDICTIVE, I wanted to show that even an intensely unlikable character such as Jules had her reasons for investing so much of herself in acting cruel, vicious, and manipulative towards others, especially those who appear weaker and innocent of transgressions. Jules was not born this way; she is a creation of circumstances […]