Review: The Housekeeper: A Gay Victorian Novelette By Talbot Finch

“And for what it’s worth, I don’t find anything about you repulsive. On the contrary, I can’t remember meeting a more wonderful person.” – Talbot Finch, The Housekeeper THE NINETEENTH century, particularly the later half, has always captivated me; I’m a sucker for a good Victorian novel—or in this case, a novelette. While the Gothic literature of the […]

Review: The Bad To Be Series by Andrew Grey

LIKE MANY of author Andrew Grey’s M/M series, be they thriller or romance, characters from the first novel often play supporting ones in the next installment and so on. It creates a beautiful interconnectedness, a community of fabulous characters who each get a turn to tell their story with the added reader bonus of familiarity. […]

Interview With Gay Romance Author Lee Maxwell

“Friends have said to me, ‘Who would believe that?’ or ‘That just doesn’t happen.’ Well, I am here to tell them and everyone that it does indeed happen because I have experienced it for myself.”   I’d like to welcome Lee Maxwell to the BLOG. A decades-long resident of Reno, Nevada, Lee is an out […]

Review: The Nothingness Of Ben By Brad Boney

THE NOTHINGNESS of Ben is Book 1 in Brad Boney’s The Austin Trilogy, a series of gay fiction/romance novels set primarily in Austin, Texas. Handsome Manhatten litigator Ben Walsh has a seemingly perfect (gay) life until he gets a phone call from back home that throws everything into a tailspin. A terrible car accident has […]

Review: The Hideaway Inn (Seasons of New Hope Book One) by Philip William Stover

“High school wasn’t the right time or place for their relationship to grow, but now, fifteen years later, a chance encounter changes both of their lives forever.” MY HUSBAND brought this novel to my attention a few years ago after noticing I’d been developing an interest in “cozy gay romances.” Yes, me, the guy who […]

Review: North Point (Jagged Shores Book One) by Thom Collins

NORTH POINT is Book One in Thom Collins’ M/M Thriller Series Jagged Shores. Set in Nyemouth, a small town on the North-East coast of England, the novel takes the reader on a suspenseful journey to a seaside summer vacation that turns romantic and murderous. Can love and romance blossom under such threatening circumstances? One of the things […]

Review: It Had To Be You by Timothy James Beck

SOMETIMES YOU JUST KNOW WHEN HE’S THE ONE… BORN AND raised in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Daniel Stephenson moved to New York City to live his truth, rising to fame in the Manhatten gay scene as Drag Queen Princess 2Di4. Sadly, the sudden death of the real-life Princess Diana takes all the fun and passion out […]


J.P. Jackson: “The whole reason I started writing was that queer representation in Urban Fantasy books didn’t exist.” I’d like to welcome J.P. Jackson to the BLOG. Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (He’s a Canuck, like me!), J.P. is the author of several novels and novellas, including the Dark Urban Fantasy Magus Malefica series and […]

Thoughts On My Author Journey

Toot your own horn! Be proud of what you’ve created, and never feel embarrassed to promote yourself. Excitement is contagious! IN MY twenties, I met my favourite author Anne Rice, creator of The Vampire Chronicles. Though our time together was brief, we chatted about several things, including her inspiring, descriptive writing style. It’s a memory […]

Review: Prince and Knight By Daniel Haack (Writer) and Stevie Lewis (Illustrator)

“ONCE UPON a time, in a kingdom far from here, there was a prince in line to take the throne, so his parents set out to find him a kind and worthy bride. The three of them travelled the land far and wide, but the prince didn’t quite find what he was looking for in […]