Review: Evil Cast: Volume 1 By Kyle Stück / Illustrations By Enrico Orlandi

HONESTLY, I was all in when I read “Think Evil Dead meets Scooby-Doo” in the blurb description for Kyle Stück’s Evil Cast: Volume 1. [Kyle’s image is on the left. I love the shirt!] I’m a sucker for imaginative, striking cover artwork, and this definitely caught my eye. And yes, it totally reminds me of […]

Review: Orc’s Bane: Ranger’s Codex Episode 1 By Ed Knight

ALTHOUGH I enjoy Fantasy, especially Queer Fantasy, it isn’t a genre I don’t read often enough. Since I was introduced to “Hank” in the 1980s Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, “Ranger” has become a Fantasy class that’s always intrigued me. When I saw the beautiful cover of Ed Knight’s Orc’s Bane: Ranger’s Codex Episode 1, I […]

Review: Summoned (Magus Malefica—The Coven Series Book 1) by J.P. Jackson

SUMMONED IS the story of Devid Khandelwal, a handsome, young gay man, soon-to-be college graduate, and amateur occultist. Dev has been trying to connect to the supernatural world, referred to as the Shadow Realm, for years without success. His final attempt at piercing the veil is a Summoning Board that grants the user three ultimate […]