J.P. Jackson: “The whole reason I started writing was that queer representation in Urban Fantasy books didn’t exist.” I’d like to welcome J.P. Jackson to the BLOG. Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (He’s a Canuck, like me!), J.P. is the author of several novels and novellas, including the Dark Urban Fantasy Magus Malefica series and […]

Do I Have A Favourite Scene in Vindictive Too?

OCCASIONALY I get asked, “What is your favourite scene in the book?” With Vindictive, I don’t believe I’ve ever answered that question, and I’m not sure I can or ever will. At least not to anyone’s satisfaction. When I think of a scene in my first novel that tickles me, another one that thrills me immediately comes […]

Review: Summoned (Magus Malefica—The Coven Series Book 1) by J.P. Jackson

SUMMONED IS the story of Devid Khandelwal, a handsome, young gay man, soon-to-be college graduate, and amateur occultist. Dev has been trying to connect to the supernatural world, referred to as the Shadow Realm, for years without success. His final attempt at piercing the veil is a Summoning Board that grants the user three ultimate […]

Interview With Queer Thriller Writer Matthew Dante

Matthew Dante: “When I started writing, this was my opportunity to write the stories I would have loved to have read growing up.” I want to welcome Matthew Dante to the Blog. Matthew is the author of several novels, including two exceptional Queer Thriller Series: Fractured and Rough Edges. Fractured focuses on obsessive love, pathological behaviour, […]

Review: Laying Claim (Rough Edges Book 1) by Matthew Dante

LAYING CLAIM is Book 1 of author Matthew Dante’s gay/queer erotic crime thriller Rough Edges Series. This suspenseful opposites-attract love story is a credit to the author’s arsenal of seductive M/M nail-biters. Seth Richards, a 24-year-old gay man and amateur detective first introduced in Dante’s deliciously deviant Fractured Series, gets mixed up in the dangerous […]

Review: Fractured Soul (Book 3) by Matthew Dante

ONCE AGAIN, author Matthew Dante delivers a compelling psychological thriller with enough steamy man-on-man action to stimulate your brain and, ahem, other parts, too. Having survived the traumatic, violent events depicted so viscerally exciting and intellectually satisfying in Fractured Mind (Book 2), Marc and Alex settle into a comfortable life of love, sex, regular employment, […]

Review: Fractured Love (Book 1) & Fractured Mind (Book 2) by Matthew Dante

AT IT’S core, Fractured Love (Book 1) is a story about unrequited love between two young gay men, best friends since childhood, but it goes so much further than that and gets so much darker. It’s these disturbing twists that make Matthew Dante’s novel a highly successful queer thriller. On the eve of graduating high […]